We Worship We will joyfully gather to worship God. We do this by listening to God and responding to Him through praise, confession and thanksgiving. We will invest enormous energy in giving our best and into inspiring, celebrative worship with a blended style of music, while steadfastly remaining God-centered.

We Stand on His Word -- We will be unapologetically Biblically-based. Therefore, we long to meaningfully understand and apply the scriptures. The Bible is our authority and undergirds all we believe and do. We will invest enormous energy in studying God's Word, applying that truth in our lives and remaining faithful to Reformed Doctrines.

We Pray - We will place a premium on prayer. We are always aware that Jesus warned the disciples, "Apart from me you can do nothing." Therefore, prayer is central, not incidental, to what we do. Prayer is relying on God’s power to transform ourselves and our community. We will invest enormous energy in developing our personal prayer lives and our corporate prayer ministries.


By Equipping - We will seek to develop and equip each member for ministry to our Lord in all of life, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We do this by discovering and developing our gifts and providing meaningful opportunities for ministry. We are committed to being a fully functioning body of believers where every member does his or her part.

By Good Stewardship -- We will practice good stewardship of our time, talents and resources to promote the ministry that God has called us to do at Covenant Christian Reformed Church, in our communities and around the world. We are committed to giving God the very best of all we have and all we are.

By Seeking Unity - We will consistently seek unity while appreciating diversity. As God has woven diversity into creation, He has woven diversity into Covenant Christian Reformed Church. We will make every effort to appreciate our diversity while remaining one in Jesus Christ. To this end, we will conduct ourselves in a spirit of humility, openness and brokenness. We will not bear grudges and will be quick to forgive. We will not be negative in our words or attitudes, but will seek to build each other up with kind and encouraging words. We are committed to love God and our neighbor as ourselves.


To Serve - We will aggressively give ourselves to meet the needs of people by serving them as Jesus served, and loving them as Jesus loved - unconditionally and sacrificially. We will give ourselves to meet the needs of lost people, people new to our fellowship and the people of our church family.

To Reach Out - We will share our faith with those who have not heard or responded to the good news of God's Word. We will be a church dedicated to being Christ’s Ambassadors in this world. We will consistently advance the Gospel of Christ in the lives of our neighbors. This includes their spiritual, emotional and physical needs. Our emphasis is to reach the "unclaimed" rather than to encourage other believers to transfer church affiliation. We will be a church that is rigorously mission-driven.

To Look Ahead -- We rejoice in the rich history and strong ministries that have characterized Covenant. We are thankful for the spirit-filled men and women that have gone before us. When it comes to ministry, we are mindful of that past, as we look to the future. We will make decisions and conduct ministries while focusing on what God is calling us to be and to do. "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to give you hope and a future." We will be a church that delights in being co-laborers with Christ in the building of his kingdom-now and in the future.


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